Federation cross country

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Pearl River’s Brian Cook and Nanuet’s Megan Young compete in the Federation cross country championships at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls. ( Video by Peter Carr / The Journal News )

See photos of the Federation cross country championships

Track and field athletes from around the county compete at the annual Westchester County Track and Field Championships at Byram Hills HS

Peter Gelston of White Plains, right, won the 3000 meter steeplechase during the Westchester County Track and Field Championships at Byram Hills High School in Armonk today. Behind him was Dayton Flannery of Bronxville, who finished second, and Brendan Wortner of Dobbs Ferry, who finished in third place. Photo by Seth Harrison

Look for the story in tomorrow’s edition of The Journal News. Also view coverage as well as a gallery of photos from the meet at Lohud.com.

Teams spring to step for Pirate Relays

North Rockland’s Dylan Landry sprints the last leg of the sprint-medley relay during the Pirate Relays track and field meet at Pearl River High School in Pearl River on April 2, 2011. North Rockland had a come-from-behind win in the event.

Girls 4×800-meter relay teammates Amelia Phillips, left, hugs anchor-runner Mary Cain after the team takes first during the Pirate Relays track and field meet at Pearl River High School in Pearl River on April 2, 2011. ( Xavier Mascareñas / The Journal News )

See more photos of the track and field events from the Pirate Relays hosted by Pearl River High School in a photo gallery at LoHud.com.

Section 1 State Track Qualifier

Mamaroneck’s Anima Banks and Bronxville’s Mary Cain compete in the Girls 1000 meter run during the Section One Winter Track and Field State Qualifier at The Armory in Manhattan Feb. 26, 2011. Banks placed first in the event with a time of 2:50.05, setting a new Section One Indoor Track record for the event. Cain placed second with a time of 2:50.84, setting a new New York state Freshman Indoor Track record for the event. See more photos of the Section 1 State Track Qualifier.

Local track and field athletes compete in the Class B championships at the Armory

Kerry Gueron of Pearl River takes the baton from her sister Erica in the girls 3200 meter relay during the Section 1 Class B Track and Field Championships at the Armory in Manhattan this afternoon. Photo by Seth Harrison

Look for coverage of the track and field meet at Lohud.com and in tomorrow’s edition of The Journal News. View a gallery of photos from the Class B Track and Field Championships.

Area track and field athletes compete in the Westchester Championships at the Armory

Aeisha McDavid of Ursuline won the 55 meter hurdles during the Westchester County Track and Field Championships at the Armory in Manhattan today. Photo by Seth Harrison

Hundreds of area track and field athletes competed in the 2011 Westchester Track and Field Championships at the Armory in Manhattan today. Look for coverage at Lohud.com and in tomorrow’s edition of The Journal News. View a gallery of photos from the 2011 Westchester Track and Field Championships.

Area high school and professional runners compete in the 104th Millrose Games

Meredith Rizzo of Bronxville and Kristen Walsh of North Rockland compete in the High School Girls’ Metropolitan 4 x 800 meter meter relay during the 2011 Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden Jan. 28, 2011. Bronxville won the event. Photo by Seth Harrison

Harbert Okuti, representing the Westchester Track Club, second from right, finished in second place, behind Stephen Hass in the New York Road Runners’ Men’s Distance Challenge 2 Mile during the 2011 Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden Jan. 28, 2011. Photo by Seth Harrison

Local high school and professional runners competed in the 104th edition of the Millrose Games at the Garden. Look for coverage at Lohud.com and in tomorrow’s edition of The Journal News. View a gallery of photos from the 2011 Millrose Games.

The winter track and field season gets under way at the Armory in Manhattan

Tre’ Bracey of Alexander Hamilton won the long jump during the second day of the Section 1 Kick Off track meet at the New Balance Armory in Manhattan today. Photo by Seth Harrison

Runners from throughout the Lower Hudson region competed in the first track meet of the winter season. Look for the story at Lohud.com and in tomorrow’s edition of The Journal News. View additional photos from the Section 1 Kick Off track meet.

Bronxville girls prevail at State Cross Country Championships, Eastchester’s Palumbo places fourth in his class

Bronxville’s Mary Cain took first and Meredith Rizzo was second to lead the Broncos to the Class C team title in the NYSPHSAA Cross Country Championships at Lakeside Park in Pawling Nov. 13, 2010.

Eastchester’s Victor Palumbo (121) and fellow competitor Brewster’s Adam McIe compete in the Class A race of the NYSPHSAA Cross Country Championship. Palumbo was able to take fourth place in the race with a time of 16 minutes, 21.5 seconds, improving drastically from his 56th-place finish last year.

Go to Lohud.com for the story and see more photos from the NYSPHSAA State Cross Country Championships.

Miscellaneous Quotes from the Sectional Championship

Here are some quotes that I had wanted to use in the paper, but was unable to due to space limitations.

Bronxville coach Jim Mitchell:

The girls ran very well. Every girl ran significantly faster than two weeks ago when we were here, so that’s good. The course, obviously was a little wet, a little muddy, but it didn’t seem to have an effect on us.

Next week it will between Greenwich and us. It’s probably going to come down to which team’s fourth and fifth girls are a bit stronger that day. In the front, we are very similar.

Mary (Cain) ran great, (Meredith) Rizzo ran great, Courtney Campbell, whose a developing freshman ran really well. And Emelie Hoffer had a great race for us in our fourth spot and Amelia Phillips ran very strongly too. Even my sixth and seventh girls PRd. It was a very good effort for us.

This is our 14th in a row, we missed a couple in the mid-90s and I think it’s our 25th overall. Cross country has always been our thing; we’ve won eight state titles and are actually the only girls team in Westchester who has ever won one.

Ariana Bottalico (Brewster):

It was a great race. I was pushed by so many great competitors. Tappan Zee ran a great race and I was pushed by them the entire way.

I was hoping to make states and was aiming for the section title and I’m really excited I did that. I’m just really excited, I’ve never been section champ before and I was really hoping to do that.

Brendan Wortner: (Dobbs Ferry):

I got a good start and I made a little surge at the top of the hill which actually really helped me make a big gap. From there it was just all flat and downhill, so it was a lot easier to widen the gap and I just charged on home.

It feels great (to be an individual section champion). It was the first time I ever came first in sectionals, so I’m just really happy right now. The competition was really tough, but I guess everything went perfect.

North Rockland girls coach Brian Diglio:

The girls worked really hard and had raced great last year also. Arlington has been great champions and they set the bar pretty high and we knew we had to bring our ‘A’ game to beat them.

The key today was our pack running together: Alexis and Ellie have been a great one-two punch, but if we were going to win, it had to be our three-through-seven girls and they did a great job and put seven girls in the top 15 today.

They have some big goals they want to achieve, and so far have met them each step of the way. Now this was just one step and we have one more next week.

The New York State AA race is a big race, so if we go and run our best that’s all we can hope for. I’d certainly love a top five finish, anything better than that would be gravy.

Section 1 Championship – State Qualifier


Boys: Team champs — Arlington

Local individual state qualifiers — Class AA individual sectional champ James Naglieri (North Rockland) 16:11.21; 2. Tyler Frigge (Suffern); 5. Peter Gelston (White Plains).

Girls: Team champs — North Rockland (4. Alexis Hatcher; 6. Ellie Hekker; 7. Jessica Falcon; 11. Kaitlyn O’Grady; 12. Kristin Schnalzer; 13. Amanda Eckerle; 15. Kailey Dwyer).

Local individual state qualifiers — Class AA individual sectional champ Gina Talt (Mamaroneck) 19:01.18; 2. Ursula Svoboda (Suffern); 5. Carolina Casin (Lakeland/Panas); 8. Elizabeth Trelstad (White Plains).


Boys: Team champs — Brewster (Class A individual sectional champ Justin Maguire 16:25.86; 2. Charlie Carr; 4. Adam McIe; 23. Alec Budd; 25. Nick Cortina, 29. Winfield Greene).

Local individual state qualifiers — 3. Victor Palumbo (Eastchester); 5. Taylor Love (Rye); 6. Nathan Kotch (Tappan Zee); 7. Joe Dinan (Tappan Zee); 8. Cameron Rasmussen (Hen Hud).

Girls: Team champs — Tappan Zee (2. Caile Kohlbrenner; 3. Madison Goldrick; 4. Kellyanne Bondulich; 15. Megan Curran; 28. Emily DiDomeinico; 30. Matilda Mullen)

Local individual state qualifiers — Class A individual section champ Ariana Bottalico (Brewster) 19:46.90; 5. Ellen Friedmann (Rye); 6. Jamie Maguire (Brewster); 7. Maggie Hashmall (Somers); 8. Sarah Corning (Somers).


Boys: Team champs — Pearl River (Class B individual section champ Tommy Lappas 16:48.84; 5. Joe Clinton;7. Kieran Brennan; 8. Brian Edsall; 9. Stephen McNiff;  15. Brian O’Sullivan; 16. Chris Kondracki).

Local individual state qualifiers — 2. Marc Violone (Byram Hills); 4. Tom Higgins (Westlake); 6. Jim Hertzell (Putnam Valley); 10. Brendon Cutler (Byram Hills).

Girls: Team champs — Pearl River (Class B individual section champ Maria Kohlbrenner 19:37.75; 2. Ceili McMorrow; 5. Kerry Guerin; 12. Erica Guerin; 13. Molly Shine; 14. Katelyn Garvey; 15. Caitlin Lardaro).

Local individual state qualifiers — 3. Katherine Doyle (Sleepy Hollow); 4. MaryKate O’Meara (Nanuet); 6. Annie Field (Irvington); 7. Hannah DeMartino (Nanuet); 8. Megan Young (Nanuet).


Boys: Team champs — Pawling

Local individual state qualifiers — Individual section champ Brendan Wortner (Dobbs Ferry) 16:33.66; 2. Dayton Flannery (Bronxville); 3. Stephen Shine (Briarcliff); 5. John Flannery (Bronxville); 6. George Epstein (Dobbs Ferry).

Girls: Team champs — Bronxville (Class C individual section champ Mary Cain 18:48.83; 2. Meredith Rizzo; 4. Courtney Campbell; 6. Emelie Hoffer; 7. Amelia Phillips; 11. Morgan Nobles; 12. Argentina Chrappa).

Local individual state qualifiers — 3. Sarah King (Dobbs Ferry); 9. Kylie VanBuren (Rye Neck); 10. Emma Sander (Hastings).


Boys: Team champs — Haldane (Class D individual section champ Paul Mackey 18:37.55; 2. Ed Bohl; 3. James Olsen; 7. Luke Harrold; 8. John Hughes; 10. Malachy Cleary; 11. Mac Horgan).

Girls: Team champs — Haldane (Class D individual section champ Rachel Conklin 26:34.72; 2. Rose Mackey; 3. Samantha Ricketts; 10. Julia Olsen; 15. Jackie Ferguson; 16. Hannah Penner).

Westchester County Championships

While Eastchester senior Victor Palumbo made some noise winning the individual Westchester County championship on Saturday, the Somers boys varsity team took advantage of its home course capturing the Westchester County team championship.

Palumbo has taken a more serious approach this cross country season and it has certainly paid off, as the senior finished first with a time of 13 minutes, 02.31 seconds.

It was a close finish for second place with White Plains senior Peter Gelston crossing the finish line at 13:17.37, while Byram Hills junior Marc Violone followed with a time of 13:18.08.

Dobbs Ferry’s Brendan Wortner and Bronxville’s Dayton Flannery rounded out the top five, placing fourth and fifth respectively.

Somers sophomore Justin Zorn led the Tuskers to a first place team finish with a total of 108 points, as he placed 10th with a time of 13:37.30. Teammate Charles Conway followed Zorn with an 11th place finish.

On the Girls side of things…

Who is putting together a better season than Mamaroneck’s Gina Talt? Talt continues to have a successful senior year, this time taking the Westchester County individual championship honors with a time of 14:54.62.

In a close race, Bronxville runners Mary Cain ( 14:59.14) and Meredith Rizzo (15:19.20) placed second and third respectively, as they led the Broncos to a second-straight Westchester County team championship.

“It’s really awesome,” Rizzo said of the Broncos taking home the team championship. “Especially since we are such a young team. We are all in this together for the next few years, so it’s like we are all working together and pushing each other.”

Bronxville had topped all competitors with its 45 points, while Lakeland/Panas came in second as a team with 154 points. Carolina Casin led all Lakeland/Panas runners with her fourth place finish (15:41.34), while Dobbs Ferry’s Sarah King rounded out the top five with a time of 15:49.70.

Rockland County Championships

Thursday was a good day for North Rockland and Suffern, as the Red Raiders boys and girls teams took home team championships, while two Suffern runners took home individual honors.

The Red Raiders’ boys team became the first team in North Rockland history to win three-consecutive cross country Rockland County team championships, while the girls team won for the second year in a row, taking back-to-back titles with ease.

James Naglieri led the boys with his second place finish (15:58.11), while teammates Nick Bien-Aime and Timothy Mendez followed-up with fifth and sixth place finishes.

On the girls side of things, Alexis Hatcher led the Red Raiders with her third place finish (18:43.25) and teammate Ellie Hekker followed Hatcher by taking fourth place (18:54.19).

Representing Suffern with great pride were Tyler Frigge and Ursula Svoboda, who each took first place honors in their respective races, becoming individual Rockland County champions for the first time in their varsity running careers.

Frigge was more than happy to end his senior year with a bang, while Svoboda has two more seasons to continue to improve and grow as an even stronger runner.

2009 Rockland County individual champion Megan Young was hampered by tendinitis in her right ankle, but still managed to finish second to Svoboda with a time of 18:39.12.

Bobcat Run at Byram Hills High School

High school cross country track athletes from across the area were on hand at Byram Hills High School for the annual Bobcat Run.The start of the boys varsity race at the annual Bobcat Run at Byram Hills High School in Armonk Oct. 9, 2010. Byram Hills’ Marc Violone won the race. ( Frank Becerra Jr / The Journal News )

To see more photos from the Byram Hills Bobcat Run click here.

Terrence, you’ve got some ‘splaning to do!

OK, It’s looks like I made a bit a of a mistake. In the season preview I mentioned that the league champions would be determined according to how teams finished at Sectionals.

I was wrong.

Thankfully, Bronxville’s Jim Mitchell helped me out and explained that there will indeed be individual league meets this year. In fact, most of them will take place next week. We’ll know more about which teams are racing where later in the week and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the feedback (Me and Rob have received a ton-and we really appreciate it) and patience.

33rd Annual Brewster Bear Classic

The Brewster boys and girls cross country teams swept at the 33rd Annual Brewster Bear Classic with a pair of first place finishes on Saturday.

With 50 different schools in attendance and with the weather cooperating after such a nasty week of rain, it turned out to be a perfect day for a cross country invitational.

The Brewster boys team remains a serious contender in Section 1 with its deep junior class and they proved that once again with Justin Maguire taking second with a time of 16:13.22 and Adam McIe placing third with a time of 16:14.63. Charlie Carr managed to finish seventh, while being bothered by a stitch in his side to help Brewster gain a total of 48 points in Varsity II.

Not to be outdone, the Brewster girls also took first with a total of 43 points in Varsity II. Leading the way was sophomore Ariana Bottalico, who placed second with a time of 19:17.56. Eighth grader Jamie Maguire, junior Michelle Zazzero, sophomore Jess Zurheide, and seventh grader Brynn Bottalico all finished among the top 20.

Carmel’s Eric Holt continues to put together a good season. After taking first at the Pawling Invitational last week, he followed that up with a second place finish with a time of 16 minutes-flat. Holt admitted that he made a big mistake upon approaching the second mile, where he sprinted all out thinking it was the end of the race, until he realized he had to go another mile, passing the end loop for a final time.

Mahopac senior James McDonough also is putting together a solid season after he finished fourth in the Varsity I grouping with a time of 16:21.10, while Mamaroneck’s boys team beat out New Milford by just two points claiming first place in Varsity I.

Mamaroneck senior Tommy Vandenberg placed fifth with a time of 16:42.14, and got some help from junior Thaddeus Sheehan and seniors Ben Wach and David Marsico finishing in the top 15 out of 102 varsity runners.

Nanuet put together a strong showing behind the second place finish from sophomore Megan Young (18:10.90). Senior Hannah DeMartino, freshman MaryKate O’Meara, and Katherine Aguiar finished among the top 20 runners  out of 87.

For the Lakeland/Panas girls team, junior Carolina Casin put together a strong race finishing third in Varsity I with a time of 19:08.49. She helped lead Lakeland/Panas to a fourth place finish in Varsity I with 93 points. Sophomore Meagan Hopkins finished ninth, while junior Heidi Weinborg finished among the top 20 runners.

Though Mamaroneck failed to score as a team, senior Gina Talt finished with the fastest time among any girl runner at the Brewster Invitational with a time of 17:49.90.

Green Mountain Lake Invitational (Saturday)

The Hill.

Without a doubt “The Hill” is the toughest part of the Pawling course, which just happens to be the site where the 2010 Section 1 and New York State championships will be held.

During Saturday’s Green Mountain Lake Invitational, runners struggled to overcome the strenuous incline, terrain and thick air that the Pawling course had to offer. Mix in some 80 degree heat and it proved a worthy opponent. As some runners barely reached the finish line or just felt ready to collapse after crossing the finish line, the course’s difficulty was obvious.

For Carmel sophomore Eric Holt, it didn’t seem to be a problem as he breezed through the course in the Varsity I grouping and in doing so placed first for the first time in his varsity cross country career with a time of 16 minutes, 49.88 seconds. Harry Maher of New Rochelle also found himself in the top 5 in Varsity I after he finished fourth.

Surprising some was the absence of North Rockland’s boys varsity team. Though they were present at the course, they didn’t compete due to their prior heavy workout at the course. With the junior varsity running in the varsity’s place, the Red Raiders took second overall as a team in Varsity I. Once again North Rockland showed its depth with an impressive display of young talent that was led by freshman Liam Purdy.

Rye’s Taylor Love made his present felt in Varsity II with a top three finish and a time of 17:37.17. Putnam Valley’s Jim Hertzel finished in the top 10.

Now moving to the girl’ performance…

The North Rockland girls team was our only local representative competing in the elite seeded (championship) grouping, which included some of the top teams (who were present) around the state such as Queensbury, who had taken the crown, Arlington, and Shenendehowa.

The Red Raiders finished fourth overall with 93 points, after the above mentioned teams and were led by its two juniors Ellie Hekker who finished just out of the top 10, with a time of 20:34.19 and Alexis Hatcher, who finished in the top 20.

In the Varsity I grouping, Jenna Holt didn’t quite match her brother Eric’s performance, but was our first local finisher in the the top 10. Holt, a senior, struggled across that finish line but had told me she never quits a race and sees it to the end. She finished with a time of 21:19.97.

Camel’s Annie Gould and New Rochelle’s Maura McCabe each placed in the top 15 in Varsity I.

Ellen Friedman led Rye in Varsity II with her top 10 finish, while Nyack’s Renee Roncace was happy with her own top 15 finish.

In the Varsity III grouping, senior Kylie VanBuren made the only noise for Rye Neck after she placed fifth with a time of 21:06.77.

North Rockland sweeps at Red Raider Run

It was a good day for North Rockland, as both the boys and girls cross country teams took first place in their respective groupings during their annual Red Raider Run Invitational on Satuday.

The boys team had an especially strong showing, as seven Red Raiders finished among the top 15 runners  (out of 81 athletes in the Varsity 1 grouping). Leading the way was senior James Naglieri, who finished as the individual champion in Varsity 1.

Senior Victor Palumbo of Eastchester placed second overall in Varsity 1, while junior Brendan Wortner of Dobbs Ferry continues his strong start to the new season, placing second overall in the Varsity 2 grouping.

Moving onto the girls…

North Rockland juniors Alexis Hatcher and Ellie Hekker led the way for the the Red Raiders in Varsity 1, but also got help from juniors  Kristin Schnalzer and Kailey Dwyer, and senior Courtney Cox, who had all finished among the top 15 runners (out of 72 athletes in the girls Varsity 1 grouping).

In Varsity 2, Lakeland/Panas claimed first place with the help from sophomore Meagan Hopkins, who had finished fourth overall.

Hi, my name is …

Hey LoHud faithful, this is Terrence Watson and along with fellow Journal News writer, Rob Cristino who will be covering the boys cross-country beat, I’ll be manning the cross-country blog this season. If my name sounds familiar, that’s because I’ve been writing for TJN for the past two years. I’ve written about everything from Horseback riding, to basketball, to professional Marco Polo -well maybe not that, but I do have experience with all sports. While I did run cross country in high school (I was terrible but it got me in shape for basketball season) I won’t pretend to know everything. However, since covering/writing about the sport, I have learned enough to have a good base to start out with. The one thing I know about all our Section 1 athletes is that they love to compete and represent for their schools, towns and communities. And I love telling their stories.

I’m enthusiastic about this season and I’d love feedback, comments and tid-bits from coaches, student-athletes, parents-everyone!

To contact me, email me at twatson1@lohud.com.

Let’s hit the ground running….haha.